Frascati Superiore

Frascati D.O.C.G. Superior

Equipped with an innate elegance, perfect for those who love complex whites, it is produced in limited numbers. Reserve obtained from Malvasia, Bonvino and Grechetto grapes. The gently pressed grapes and criomacerate at 10 ° C give us a golden yellow wine with an intense and complex aroma, with hints of ripe fruit and honey, persistent and pronounced. With a savory, dry, lively and mineral taste of great structure and alcohol.

Caratteristiche organolettiche:
colour: golden yellow;
bouquet: solar wine with intense
hints of ripe fruit and honey;
flavor: characteristic of fresh fruit,
dry, lively, very long and persistent.
Abbinamenti gastronomici:
excellent out of the meal.
It enhances its characteristics with fish,
crustaceans, white meats and all the
first courses of typical Roman cuisine
Temperatura di servizio:
To be served at 12 °C
Gradazione alcolica:
13,50% volume alcohol