(ANSA) – Felice Gasperini is the new president of the Consorzio Tutela Vini Frascati.

Gasperini, born in 1952, was elected by the board of directors who took office on June 30th. Danilo Notarnicola (reconfirmed) and Emanuele Ranchella were elected deputy chairman of the Consorzio di tutela. The new president is the owner of the Cantina Villafranca and of the Colle Felice farm in Monteporzio Catone and is the representative of the third generation of a family dedicated to viticulture and wine production. “The Frascati system – comments the new president Felice Gasperini – brings with it a great challenge. The Consortium has demonstrated its ability to collect it, succeeding in the last three years in obtaining important structural results, in communicating the increasingly high quality achieved by wines, in the commitment to safeguard the territory, in spreading the knowledge of the historicity and typicality of the our production”. “We must continue – adds Gasperini – in the commitment to enhance the work of the farmers, which constitute a broad base of our system, so that they get the right recognition for the commitment, dedication, and important work of conservation and protection of the our territorial heritage ”. REPRODUCTION RESERVED © Copyright ANSA

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