The year of foundation is 1909. Rows, presses, musts, barrels and bottles are in the family DNA


First generation

Salvatore Gasperini bought the land from the Chigi nobles and started the business with the knowledge that he had the right potential to produce excellent wines.


Second generation

After World War II, the reins of Cantina Villafranca were passed to his sons Luigi and Renato, who had the task of keeping production alive during a difficult time. A task that was interpreted with courage: in fact, the first move was to expand the business; over time new land was purchased and new cellars were built.


Third generation

A new leap in quality occurred in 1972, when Luigi and Renato were succeeded by Felice, Luigi’s son, and Salvatore, Renato’s son, authors of a real business transformation, with further acquisition of land on which native and international vines were planted. A bottling department was also set up in the Albano Laziale winery, one of the first in the Castelli Romani area.


The state of the art

New distribution channels have enabled growth over the years both in Italy and in the rest of the world. Today the company, which owns about 60 hectares divided into 3 agricultural estates, separately vinifies the grapes produced with modern technologies but respecting tradition.

Quality in tradition. It is a motto that stems from the fact that with more than 110 years of history behind us, tradition is always present; quality, for its part, is equally so because we are committed to following the entire production process with the utmost rigor, from the vineyard to processing to marketing.

Last but not least, the soils of volcanic origin return those characteristics of minerality and sapidity that find increasing attention from the public.

Felice e Salvatore Gasperini