Chardonnay del Lazio I.G.T.

Obtained from Chardonnay grapes vinified on the farm. The harvest of these particular grapes is very precocious, in fact it takes place in the second half of August. The must obtained by soft pressing is filtered and then fermented at a temperature of 16 ° C, in order to maintain the typical perfume and the velvety taste unaltered. Pleasantly lively, with fresh taste, excellent as an aperitif.

Caratteristiche organolettiche:
colour: pale straw yellow,
with greenish nuances;
bouquet: typical of that species,
flowery, with unripe fruit scent,
delicate but persistent;
palate: velvety, fresh, lively.
Abbinamenti gastronomici:
Excellent as an aperitif and
to be combined with staters, pasta,
fish, crustaceans and delicate meat.
Temperatura di servizio:
To be served young and cool,
at 8 °C temperature
Gradazione alcolica:
12,00% volume alcohol