Merlot del Lazio I.G.T.

Born from the maceration of Merlot grapes vinified in our company. The crushed and de-stemmed grapes are fermented for 15/20 days. This wine is obtained with a great body and structure, with an intense red color, with the typical spicy scent of the vine, rightly tannic with a velvety and harmonious taste.

Caratteristiche organolettiche:
colour: brilliant ruby-red;
bouquet: complex, persistent,
spiciness typical of the variety;
palate: warm, velvety and
Abbinamenti gastronomici:
Prefers rich tasting first courses
and main courses of roast meat
or game
Temperatura di servizio:
To be served at 18 - 20 °C.
Uncorking a few hours prior to
drinking is recommended.
Gradazione alcolica:
13,50% volume alcohol