Sparkling Brut Charmat method

The sparkling method Charmat-Martinotti method makes sparkling wines with a fine perlage, an ethereal scent and a dry flavor. The Prestige Brut interprets this tradition of great Italian sparkling wines by completing our line with the right bubbles.

Caratteristiche organolettiche:
perlage: fine, persistent
in thick fountains;
colour: straw yellow,
with lemon nuances;
bouquet: hetereal, fine, persistent,
light yeast scent;
palate: dry, delicate, acidulous
in a generous harmony.
Abbinamenti gastronomici:
Excellent sparkling wine as an aperitif,
it is the worthy mate of meals of the
best cooking.
Temperatura di servizio:
To be served cool, at 5 - 6 °C and so
kept in the ice-bucket and opened at
the moment of serving.
Gradazione alcolica:
11,00% volume alcohol